Rob has the ability, sensitivity and experience to understand the nuances of the island’s weather, local ways, and values.  As a natural in sales, design, and marketing, Rob says he graduated the" Top of his Class at the Universe of Hawaii".  That’s right, “Universe”.  His common sense and the ability to see the unforeseen, helps his clients understand the value of using Rob as their agent.  Rob's personality has gained him favor across the socioeconomic groups in Hawaii.  One particular client says that Rob is the equivalent to the "Hawaiian Google" for truthful, local information.  Another client says, “Rob is a man of great taste and great judgment; I trust him to make decisions based on my needs, and not his". “Rob is the go-to guy to call if you need information you can trust" says a client/friend.  Rob’s father told him, when he was just a kid, to treat everyone the same, both the rich and the poor. Rob lives by his Dad’s suggestion.

Rob's specialty is Oahu Beachfront and Oceanfront Real Estate. He is consistently a TOP PRODUCER at East Oahu Realty, the #1 real estate firm on the island of Oahu (Non-Franchised) and #1 in Hawaii Kai (including franchised). Rob's design background provides buyers and sellers with great ideas of possibilities in which to improve the property before and after the sale. He can come up with many options to consider thus making the properties more interesting to more buyers.

If you have any interest in local knowledge about Hawaii, please feel free to call or email Rob with questions you may have. If you would like to see some real estate on O'ahu, while visiting Hawai'i, please let Rob know, he'd be happy to share information on the homes in the islands with you.

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