Rob is a native Hawaiian and 6th generation descendant of Englishman Robert Holt, who sailed to Hawaii in 1820. At 15 years old he started shaping surfboards and eventually founded the popular surf company, Local Motion.  He went on to own Kahala Sportswear, Hawaiian Style, Island Snow, and created the Hawaiian Style Band before selling his companies’ three labels in 1991, for over 10 million dollars at the age of 40.  Rob was not only the owner of these three companies, but was responsible for all design, merchandising, and marketing. He developed a strong management team to support his weaknesses. After early retirement, Rob decided to enter the world of real estate, which has become his passion.  He uses the experiences of business and life in Hawaii to help people sell, or purchase, the right home for them.  Rob and his beautiful wife Annie have been together for 43 years and married for 34.

"I love to live, to play, to work hard and get a job done, that’s fun.  When it’s fun, you do it well and don’t feel deprived of having fun."
          ~ Rob

What People Say About Rob: 

“There’s no place we can go where someone doesn't acknowledge and say ‘hi’ to him."  

          ~ Rob’s mother-in-law, Phyllis

“When I first met Rob I thought he was the Godfather because so many people knew and seemed to like him; after spending time with him I realized he just treated everyone equally whether a waiter, janitor or a Judge.”
          ~ client

“The book the 'Tipping Point’ could have been written about Rob…as he has all three characteristics discussed in the book.  He’s a Maven, a Connecter and a Salesman.  People trust Rob because he wants them to get the best deal, even if he is getting nothing, or less, because of it.  It doesn’t matter to him because he’s a Maven and the satisfaction of passing on a deal is his reward.” 
          ~ Rob’s wife, Annie 

"Rob's broad knowledge of Hawaii, its history, homes, economy, yards, etc. is impressive and real.” 
          ~ client

"There’s nothing that makes Rob happier than having friends over for dinner." 
          ~ Doug Russell, Rob’s next door neighbor (96 years old)

Built With Aloha